Monday, July 21, 2014


Because St. Mary's High School is moving to a 1:1 iPad program this year, I'm focusing on exploring tools that can be used through both browser and iPad app versions.

One great tool I've used a little bit in the past but plan to use more this school year is Educreations. Educreations is an interactive whiteboard that allows you to record and share lessons. You can write on the whiteboard (works best with a stylus!) and record your voice while you write. Educreations also lets you embed images into your lessons and even manipulate the images while you record.

You'll need to sign up with a teacher account to get started. If you have an iPad, you'll also want to download the (free!) app.

This tool works best on iPads, but there is also an online whiteboard that you can use to create lessons from any flash-supported browser. However, you're better off using an iPad to create a lesson unless your computer has tablet capabilities. Writing on the board using a mouse is a bit tricky! Educreations also does not currently have an app for Android tablets. This isn't a problem for St. Mary's since we're all using iPads, but that's important for other readers who may be using Android devices.

The good news is that although creating a lesson is primarily limited to iPads, viewing a lesson is fine on both iPads and on any computer (PC or Mac) with a browser that supports flash. If you save a lesson publicly rather than privately, you can even embed your lesson on another website -- a great option for teachers to add lessons to their class websites!

Educreations also allows students to create accounts. They can register for your course and view your lessons, or they can record and share their own lessons with you. It's a great tool for both teachers and students!

Check back soon for more info about how to use Educreations in the classroom and to see a demo lesson!


  1. This sounds very similar to LiveScribe pens. It's a similar premise in that you can record lessons and notes, but it sounds like EduCreations is more "technological." I like the idea that it is like an interactive white board, and you can manipulate the images.

    Is EduCreations free for teachers? I know you said the app for the iPad was free. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! Both the account and the app are free!